Diagnostic Tools for Building Conditions

Broadly encompassing applications often found in the built environment. Also includes applications that generally occur at ambient temperatures and with smaller temperature variations.

Because most test and measurement tools can be used to solve many different problems, take the following examples as broad suggestions. See a full range of any type of instrument by clicking on the category buttons in the left column.

Thermal Imagers / Infrared Cameras

FLIR E6 Thermal Camera
Fluke thermal cameras
FLIR E40bx

FLIR T420bx

Blower Doors and Duct Testers

Retrotec US 1000
Fluke thermal cameras
Retrotec Q56

Retrotec DU200

Borescopes/Video Inspection Cameras

General Tools Seeker 400
Fluke thermal cameras
Extech BR250

General Tools DCS1800

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

General Tools DCO1001
Testo 317-3 CO Detector
Testo 317-3

Extech CO10

Manometers/Pressure Meters

Testo 510
Fluke thermal cameras
Extech HD755

Testo 512

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters

General Tools CDM77535
Fluke thermal cameras
TPI 1010

Testo 535