Diagnostic Tools Buyers Guides

Looking for test or inspection equipment for a certain application? Whether you're new to an industry or a master tradesman, we're happy to give some suggestions as a starting point.

We find that most applications fall roughly into the categories of building/ambient, and mechanical/electrical. Some applications fall in both of these groups, while others don't fit well anywhere. So have a look around as you consider what diagnostic equipment may best tackle the problem at hand.

Also, we specialize in putting together packages of equipment–for energy auditors, electricians, plant managers, etc. Grouping items together allows us to offer special pricing and saves on shipping costs. Give us a call or use our Contact page to let us know what we can put together for you.

Because most test and measurement tools can be used to solve many different problems, take the following examples as broad suggestions. See a full range of any type of instrument by clicking on the buttons on the left side of the page. Feel free to give us a call at (877) 273-2311 to discuss your specific needs. We're always happy to help.

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Building & Ambient Temperature Conditions

Broadly encompassing applications often found in the built environment. Also includes applications that generally occur at ambient temperatures and with smaller temperature variations. Applications include:

• Building Diagnostics • Roof Diagnostics
• Building Performance • Insulation Inspection
• Energy Auditing • Moisture Intrusion
• Home Inspection • Pest Intrusion
• Plumbing Diagnostics • Weatherization
• Restoration Contracting • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Mechanical & Electrical Conditions

Broadly encompassing applications involving higher temperature, mechanical friction, manufacturing, and electrical conditions. Applications include:

• HVAC • Electronics Diagnostics
• Predictive Maintenance • Duct Leakage
• Motor, Drive, Bearing Diagnostics • Equipment Monitoring
• Automotive Diagnostics • Quality Assurance
• Plant Maintenance • Steam and Fluid Systems
• Electrical Diagnostics • Transformer & Switchgear Monitoring