FLIR T1010 Thermal Camera 72502-0502 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301 FLIR C3 Thermal Camera 72003-0303
FLIR T1K T1020 Thermal Camera 72501-0102 Seek RevealPRO Thermal Camera TSI Alnor EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood
Minneapolis Blower Door with DG-1000 Minneapolis Duct Blaster System with DG-1000 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301

Diagnostic Tools

Ivy Tools is a premium supplier of thermal cameras and performance diagnostic equipment, serving technicians working in building performance, predictive maintenance, and various mechanical and electrical applications. Backed by many years of experience in infrared thermography, building science, and the trades, Ivy Tools is here to help you find the instrument that meets your needs. From blower doors to borescopes, Ivy Tools can provide the equipment and expertise to make the most of your investment in infrared. If you have any questions about the products we offer, feel free to give us a call at 877.273.2311.

Thermal Imagers

Finding the right thermal imager for your needs can be challenging. At Ivy Tools, we strive to simplify the process by providing well organized, detailed information about all of our thermal imaging products and accessories. If you need assistance finding an infrared camera that meets your needs, you've come to the right place. Whether you're just starting out in thermography, or planning to equip your whole staff with new devices, Ivy Tools is here to help.