Diagnostic Tools for Mechanical Conditions

Broadly encompassing applications involving higher temperature, mechanical friction, manufacturing, and electrical conditions.

Because most test and measurement tools can be used to solve many different problems, take the following examples only as broad suggestions. To see a full range of instruments by category, see the category buttons in the left column.

Thermal Imagers / Infrared Cameras

FLIR E6 Thermal Camera
Fluke Ti200 Thermal Camera
Fluke Ti200
FLIR T420 Thermal Camera

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Extech CO10 Carbon Monoxide Detector
Extech CO10
Testo 317-3 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Detector
Testo 317-3
Bacharach Snifit 50 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
Bacharach Snifit 50

Manometers / Pressure Meters

UEi EM201 Differential Dual Manometer
UEi EM201
Extech HD350 Pitot Tube Anemometer and Manometer
Extech HD350
Testo 512 Low Pressure Manometer
Testo 512

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters

TSI 7515 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
TSI 7515
TSI 7525 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
TSI 7525
Testo 435-4 Indoor Air Quality Kit
Testo 435-4