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FLIR E-Series bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Created for the building professional, the FLIR E-Series bx combines a lower targeted temperature span with higher detector sensitivity to offer a thermal camera perfectly suited to the infrared conditions found in the built environment. Easily identify problem areas in the building envelope with the assistance of dew point and insulation alarms. Available in a variety of excellent resolutions, and with features for every application: Stream captured images over wi-fi to to an iPad, iPhone, or Android device for further analysis, or to review findings with a client. View infrared and digital images as a picture-in-picture, or blend them together using Fusion. Record data from an ammeter or moisture meter with an image to easily create full, professional reports. Bluetooth audio, interchangeable lenses, video recording, and more. All E-Series bx cameras meet the RESNET standard, and are guaranteed by FLIR's top notch warranty.
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