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FLIR T-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Work comfortably all day with the high-performance, ergonomic T-Series. Use the rotating, auto-focus lens to get the shot you need in tight quarters or wide open spaces. With a superb resolution, great sensitivity, and high working temperatures, FLIR T- series is ready for any task. You can control the imager from a distance, or stream captured images over wi-fi, using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Make notes using text, GPS, bluetooth audio, or sketch out your work area. And with MeterLink connectivity, all your notes about power and moisture will be right there with your images. Have the tools you need with more measurement options, picture-in-picture, and fusion of digital and infrared. Even record images periodically for a time-lapse analysis. Backed by FLIR's outstanding 10-5-2 warranty.
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FLIR T530 Thermal Camera 79302-0101 FLIR T640 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922 FLIR T660 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922
FLIR T600 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-1022 FLIR T620 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-5122 FLIR T540 Thermal Camera 79302-0201
FLIR T1K T1020 Thermal Camera 72501-0102 FLIR T1010 Thermal Camera 72502-0502 FLIR T640 Wide Angle Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-7022