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FLIR Test Instruments

FLIR test instruments offer the professional reliability and accuracy that you expect from the FLIR name. Long the leader in thermal camera technology, FLIR has used their engineering strength to develop a limited line of top tier diagnostic tools. All of these test meters offer quality components top to bottom. The LCD screens are brightly backlit for easy reading even in sunlight. The exterior is a tough, rubberized casing to protect the instrument from bumps and falls–no hard plastic here. These meters will even communicate with their FLIR infrared camera siblings through Bluetooth. The FLIR line of test instruments is built to such a high standard that FLIR guarantees them with a lifetime warranty. Lifetime–that's quality from a brand you trust.
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FLIR DM93 True RMS Industrial Multimeter FLIR TG167 Imaging IR Thermometer FLIR MR176 Moisture Meter with Infrared
FLIR CM174 Clamp Meter with Infrared FLIR IM75 Insulation Tester Multimeter FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter
FLIR DM284 Multimeter with Infrared FLIR TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer FLIR VS70 Videoscope Inspection Camera
FLIR MR60 Moisture Meter FLIR MR160 Moisture Meter with Infrared FLIR CM85 Power Clamp Meter
FLIR CM72 True RMS AC Clamp Meter FLIR CM74 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter FLIR CM83 Power Clamp Meter
FLIR VP50 Voltage Detector FLIR CM78 1000A Combination Clamp Meter FLIR DM92 True RMS Industrial Multimeter
FLIR CM82 Power Clamp Meter FLIR CM57 Flexible Clamp Meter FLIR MR-Series Moisture Meter Protective Case MR10
FLIR CAT IV Silicone Test Leads TA80 FLIR CAT IV Insulated Alligator Probes TA70 FLIR Thermocouple Probe with Adapter TA60
FLIR Universal Magnetic Hanging Strap TA50 FLIR Universal AC Current Line Splitter TA55 FLIR Case for IM75 and DM9x Meters TA10
FLIR Case for CMxx Meters TA11 FLIR TA13 Protective Case for TG-Series FLIR TA15 Universal Soft Sided Case