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Testo 605i Smart Probe Thermo-Hygrometer Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Pocket Psychrometer Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer
Testo 610 Pocket Pro Temperature RH Meter Extech SDL500 Hygro-Thermometer/Datalogger Extech 45170CM 5-in-1 Environmental Meter
Extech EN300 5-in-1 Environmental Meter Extech HD500 Psychrometer with IR Thermometer Testo 625 Thermo-Hygrometer
Testo 625 Thermo-Hygrometer
Sale Price: $260.10
Extech RHT50 Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Datalogger Delmhorst HT-4000 Thermo-Hygrometer Extech MO297 Moisture Meter and Psychrometer with Meterlink
Testo 605-H1 Humidity Stick with Dew Point Extech RH490 Precision Psychrometer with GPP Testo 625 Thermo-Hygrometer Wireless Kit
Extech RH101 Hygro-Thermometer with IR Thermometer Delmhorst HT-3000 Thermo-Hygrometer Extech 445580 Humidity/Temperature Pen
Testo 174H Mini Temp/RH Data Logger Kit Extech EA20 Easy View Hygro-Thermometer Extech SD500 Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
Testo 435-1 Multifunction Meter Extech Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer Extech EA25 Easy View Hygro-Thermometer and Datalogger
UEi DTH10 Temperature Humidity Pen Testo 605-H2 Humidity Stick with Wet Bulb Extech SD800 CO2/Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
Extech EA80 Indoor Air Quality Meter/Datalogger