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Thermal Imaging Cameras are currently used in everything from home repair to monitoring volcanoes; tracking forest fires to plumbing leaks; HVAC to auto repair. What can you use a thermal camera for? The simple answer is, any situation in which you need to visualize or measure a temperature difference. The temperature difference could be caused by airflow, friction, resistance, moisture, or other sources of heating or cooling. All objects emit infrared energy or heat. This energy is measured by the thermal camera and translated into an image based on the many small temperature variations. The detected infrared energy is also used to provide precise, non-contact temperature measurements of the target.

What do you need to see? Or measure? Give us a call–we would be happy to make camera recommendations for any application. Or for more information see our article Choosing A Thermal Camera.
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FLIR E6 Thermal Camera 63907-0704 FLIR E4 Thermal Camera 63906-0604 FLIR E75 Thermal Camera 78502-0101
FLIR T530 Thermal Camera 79302-0101 Seek Compact PRO Thermal Camera FF FLIR T640 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922
FLIR E85 Thermal Camera 78502-0201 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301
FLIR E60 Thermal Camera 64501-0302 Seek RevealPRO Thermal Camera FLIR E8 Thermal Camera 63908-0805
FLIR C3 Thermal Camera 72003-0303 FLIR E5 Thermal Camera 63909-0904 FLIR T660 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922
Seek Reveal XR FF Thermal Camera FLIR E60bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 64501-0702 FLIR E53 Thermal Camera 84502-0201
FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera FLIR T600 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-1022 FLIR T620 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-5122
FLIR T540 Thermal Camera 79302-0201 FLIR C2 Thermal Camera 72001-0101 FLIR T1K T1020 Thermal Camera 72501-0102
FLIR T1010 Thermal Camera 72502-0502 FLIR T600bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-2822 Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager
Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager
Sale Price: $2,812.50
Seek Compact Thermal Camera Seek Compact XR Thermal Camera Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager