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Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System
Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System
Retrotec Model 6101 Blower Door
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Product Code: RETROTEC-US6101


Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System

The Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System (formerly model Q4E and 3101) offers all the portability and convenience of the 5101 Series blower door, but with a stronger fan more suited to large residential and small commercial buildings. The Model 6000 fan is rated at 1.5 horsepower and can move up to 8000 CFM. Its 11 available fan configurations will ensure that you always have the ideal flow range for every job. The Retrotec 6000 fan has a light and rugged plastic housing, and comes with fan covers to keep internal components clean during transport. The Retrotec 6101 blower door includes a quick connecting, adjustable aluminum door frame, numbered for easy assembly. Even the corners of the frame are specially designed to create a better seal in the doorway, eliminating error from air leakage around the door.

Included with the 6101 system is the new Retrotec DM32 Digital Manometer. The DM32 features a beautiful 3.2” color touchscreen display, and uses an interface that feels more like a smartphone than a digital manometer. Quickly select the connected hardware, test to be performed, test units and more through simple screen interactions. The DM32 also features the popular “Set and Forget” option for maintaining a given target pressure. Results of a test are available right on the screen, so you can spend less time on the math and more time testing. Once you input area or volume, the Retrotec DM32 can provide Air flow per area (CFM/sq ft), Air changes per hour (ACH/h), and many more options. As updates become available, the DM32 can be updated through a simple connection to your PC.

The WiFi capabilities of the Retrotec DM32 Digital Manometer add even more flexibility in your testing. It can establish it’s own connection to a PC, tablet, or smartphone and offers complete control of the manometer. Easily perform testing while walking the building, or observe pressure changes on your phone as you open or close off zones. Especially when combined with the DM32 WiFi, the Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System offers a high-powered, professional solution to almost all of your blower door testing needs.


  • 1.5 horsepower Model 6000 fan, capable of up to 8000 CFM
  • Large residential and small commercial buildings
  • DM32 Digital Gauge with WiFi touchscreen control
  • Red anodized aluminum frame
  • Results right on DM32 manometer
    • Flow at any pressure (CFM50)
    • Air flow per area (CFM/sq ft)
    • Air changes per hour (ACH/h)
    • Equivalent Leakage Area (EqLA)


  • 1 x DM32 Digital Gauge Package
    • DM32 Dual Channel Color Touchscreen Manometer
    • USB Cable, 6' (1.8 m)
    • Cat5 Cable, 7' (2 m) Blue
    • DM32 USB Charging Module
    • DM32 Software Suite (Virtual Gauge, DM32 Configurator, Data Logger, and DM32 USB driver)
    • Gauge Case
    • DM32 Magnetic Clip
    • ISO17025 calibration of DM32
    • Gauge Calibration Verification Report
  • 1 x 6000 Series Fan Set
    • 6000 Series Calibrated Fan
    • High Power Drive for 6000 Series Fan
    • Range Ring A for 5000/6000 Series Fan
    • B8 Plate for 5000/6000 Series Fan
    • 8 x 4" Blank Plugs
    • Power Cord
    • 2 x Fan Cover
    • System Calibration Verification Report
  • 1 x Regular Cloth Door Panel & Frame - Single Fan
    • Aluminum Frame, Red Anodized
    • Cloth for 1000/2000/3000/5000/6000 Series Fan, Regular Height
    • Fan Crossbar Strap for Aluminum Frame
    • Case for Aluminum Frame
  • 1 x Case for System Accessories
  • 1 x Fan Case
  • 1 x Blower Door Tubing Kit
  • 1 x Umbilical for 1000/5000/6000 Series Fan, 7 ft (2 m)
  • 1 x FanTestic Blower Door Testing Software

Warranty Information

The Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System has a 2-year limited warranty, and a 10-year fan housing warranty.

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