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Video Borescopes and Inspection Cameras

Sometimes called video inspection cameras, video scopes, or other variations, the video borescope rises to the top in terms of essential diagnostic tools. Pricing is low, while applications abound. To find the right borescope, first consider probe diameter, which runs from 17mm (11/16") all the way down to 4mm (3/16"). The common 5.5mm size fits in any common pipe, spark plug hole, or 1/4" hole; the smaller the size the more applications. Next consider the camera: does it need to take pictures or video? Finally, consider other features: detachable screens for easier viewing, high definition video, and even "articulating" probes that can bend while inside the inspection area. 

What do you need to see? Give us a call–we would be happy to make borescope recommendations for any application.
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General Tools Palmscope DCS950 9mm Camera Extech BR250 Wireless Video Borescope 9mm General Tools DCS600A Borescope 8mm
General Tools DCiS2 iBorescope2 for IOS and Android, 9mm Extech HDV540 Borescope with 6mm Articulating Probe General Tools DCiS4 iBorescope4 for IOS and Android, 9mm
FLIR VS70 Videoscope Inspection Camera Extech BR150 Video Borescope 9mm Extech HDV640 HD Video Borescope with 6mm Articulating Probe
General Tools DCS660A Borescope Recording 8mm Extech BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera 17mm General Tools DCS605 Borescope 5.5mm
Extech BR200 Wireless Video Borescope 17mm General Tools DCS1800HP Wireless Recording Borescope 5.5mm General Tools DCS500 Wireless Recording Borescope 9mm
General Tools DCS2000 High Performance Video Borescope 5.5mm General Tools DCS18HPART Borescope 6mm with Articulation General Tools DCS665-ART Borescope with Articulation
Extech HDV610 HD Video Borescope 5.5mm Extech BRD10 Wireless USB Video Receiver General Tools DCS1100 Front and Side View Borescope 4.9mm
General Tools DCiS1 iBorescope for iPhone, iPad, Android 9.8mm General Tools DCS665 Borescope Recording 5.5mm Extech HDV640W HD Video 6mm Borescope with Wireless Articulating Probe
Extech HDV620 Video Borescope 5.8mm Semi-Rigid Probe General Tools DCS1600HP Recording Borescope 5.5mm Extech BR200-EXT Borescope Extension Cable 19mm
FLIR VSA2-1 6mm Probe for VS70 FLIR VSA2-1-W Wireless 6mm Probe for VS70 FLIR VSC39-1FM 3.9mm Probe for VS70