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DCS660A   General Tools DCS660A Borescope Recording 8mm
DCS665   General Tools DCS665 Borescope Recording 5.5mm
DCS665-ART   General Tools DCS665-ART Borescope with Articulation
DLAF930SD   General Tools DLAF930SD Environmental Meter
DM8200   General Tools DM8200 Differential Manometer
DM8252   General Tools DM8252 High Resolution Differential Manometer
DT80-1   General Tools DT80-1 Contact Thermometer
DT80-2   General Tools DT80-2 Dual Contact Thermometer
DTH3007SD   General Tools DTH3007SD Datalogging Thermo-Hygrometer
EM8716   General Tools EM8716 Thermo-Hygrometer
EP8711P   General Tools EP8711P Psychrometer with Enthalpy
FD08   General Tools FD08 Digital Formaldehyde Meter
HWA4214SD   General Tools HWA4214SD Data Logging Hot Wire Anemometer
IRT653   General Tools IRT653 Infrared Thermometer IR with Memory
IRT670   General Tools IRT670 High Performance Infrared Thermometer
IRTC50   General Tools IRTC50 Infrared Thermometer IR
MM70   General Tools MM70 Precision LED Moisture Meter
MM70D-7022KIT   General Tools MM70D Moisture Meter Kit
MM70D   General Tools MM70D Precision Digital Moisture Meter
MMD900   General Tools MMD900 Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter
MMD950   General Tools MMD950 Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter with 4" Depth
MMH800   General Tools MMH800 Moisture Meter with Humidity and Temp
NGD268   General Tools NGD268 Combustible Gas Detector
NGD8800   General Tools NGD8800 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
P600-3   General Tools P600-3 105in 9.8mm Probe for DCiS1 iBorescope
DCS950   General Tools Palmscope DCS950 9mm Camera
RLD382P   General Tools RLD382P Refrigerant Leak Detector With Pump
RLD400   General Tools RLD400 Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector
RLD440   General Tools RLD440 Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector
SAM990DW   General Tools SAM990DW Digital Psychrometer
VM8205SD   General Tools VM8205SD Datalogging Vibration Meter
WDCFM8912   General Tools WDCFM8912 Air Flow Thermo-Hygrometer
Kanomax-0203   Kanomax 0203 Velocity Middle Temp Probe
Kanomax-0204   Kanomax 0204 Velocity High Temp Probe
Kanomax-6036   Kanomax 6036 Anemomaster Hot Wire Anemometer
Kanomax-6162   Kanomax 6162 Anemomaster Hot Wire Anemometer
Kanomax-6162-03   Kanomax 6162-03 Extension Rod for 0203
Kanomax-6162-04   Kanomax 6162-04 Extension Rod for 0204
Kanomax-6700   Kanomax 6700 Micromanometer
Kanomax-6710   Kanomax 6710 TABmaster Capture Hood
Kanomax-6710-08   Kanomax 6710-08 Capture Hood Stand
Kanomax-6715   Kanomax 6715 TABmaster Capture Hood
Kanomax-6501-0E   Kanomax Climomaster Hot Wire Anemometer 6501-0E
Kanomax-S-6541-0E   Kanomax Climomaster with VT Probe 6541-2G
Kanomax-S-6531-0E   Kanomax Climomaster with VTH Probe 6531-2G
Kanomax-CX-440   Kanomax CX-440 Tripod
Kanomax-2212   Kanomax Handheld IAQ Monitor 2212
Kanomax-Cable   Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemometer Accessory Cables
Kanomax-6710-06   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 1.6x1.6 ft
Kanomax-6710-03   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 1x4 ft
Kanomax-6710-01   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 2x2 ft
Kanomax-6710-02   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 2x4 ft
Kanomax-6710-04   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 3x2 ft
Kanomax-6710-05   Kanomax TABmaster Spare Hood 3x3 ft
Kanomax-6700-01   Kanomax Velocity Grid 6700-01
PROMO-M   Manufacturer Promotion
49-77-2001   Milwaukee Dual Banana Thermocouple
49-77-1001   Milwaukee Electrical Test Lead Set
2210-20   Milwaukee Fluorescent Lighting Tester
49-77-1005   Milwaukee Industrial Alligator Clips
49-77-1003   Milwaukee Industrial Connecting Test Leads
49-77-1004   Milwaukee Industrial Test Probes
49-77-2002   Milwaukee K-type Thermocouple
48-55-0180   Milwaukee Large Meter Case
2265-20   Milwaukee Laser Temp-Gun IR Thermometer 10:1
48-11-2401   Milwaukee M12 Compact Battery
2260-21   Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager
49-77-3001   Milwaukee Magnetic Meter Holder
2237-20   Milwaukee True RMS Clamp Meter with Volt Detector
2217-20   Milwaukee True RMS Digital Multimeter with Temperature
2205-20   Milwaukee True RMS Fork Meter
2202-20   Milwaukee Voltage Detector with LED Light
Minneapolis-Blower-Door-Only   Minneapolis Blower Door Model 3, No Manometer
TEC-PAD-CASE   Minneapolis Blower Door Padded Fan Case
BD3-KIT-001   Minneapolis Blower Door with DG-1000
Minneapolis-Model-3   Minneapolis Blower Door with DG-700
Minneapolis-Duct-Blaster-Only   Minneapolis Duct Blaster System, No Manometer
DUCT-KIT-001   Minneapolis Duct Blaster with DG-1000
Minneapolis-Duct-Blaster   Minneapolis Duct Blaster with DG-700
FLIR-MR05-PINS1   MR77/MR160/MR176 Replacement Pins (Standard)
FLIR-MR05-PINS2   MR77/MR160/MR176 Replacement Pins (Wide)
7-08-1000-63-0   Neutronics Mini ID R22 Refrigerant Identifier
5-03-1000-08-0   Neutronics Thermal Paper Roll
7-08-1000-71-0   Neutronics Ultima ID Pro RI-700H Refrigerant Analyzer
7-08-1000-60-0   Neutronics Ultima ID RI-2004HV Refrigerant Analyzer
6-02-6000-08-0   Neutronics Ultima Refrigerant Analyzer Filter
6-02-6001-04-1   Neutronics Ultima RI-2004 Series Battery Kit
CO101   Regin CO Bump Tester CO101
CO221   Regin CO Replacement Wicks CO221
S220   Regin Smoke Pen
S221   Regin Smoke Pen Refills
FP201   Regin Smoke Puffer FP201
Retrotec-US341   Retrotec 341 DucTester Duct Test System
Retrotec-US5101   Retrotec 5101 Blower Door System
Retrotec-US6101   Retrotec 6101 Blower Door System
Retrotec-DM320   Retrotec DM32 Digital Manometer Gauge
GR117   Retrotec Grill Mask Tape 12"
PP102   Retrotec Large Pressure Pan 24.5x24.5
PP101   Retrotec Small Pressure Pan 13x15
73-0060   RKI CO-03 Carbon Monoxide Monitor
73-0060-56   RKI CO-03 Carbon Monoxide Monitor with Cal Kit
81-CO03-LV   RKI CO-03 Small Calibration Kit 34L
81-GX01HSCO-LV   RKI GX-2009 Calibration Kit 34L
72-0314RKC-51   RKI GX-2009 Confined Spaces Kit
72-0314RKC-59   RKI GX-2009 Confined Spaces Kit with RP-2009 and Gas
72-0314RKC   RKI GX-2009 Gas Monitor LEL / O2 / H2S / CO
72-6XBX-A   RKI GX-6000 VOC Detector
72-0064-05   RKI SP-220 Gas Leak Detector
seek-compact-cable   Seek Compact Camera Cable
seek-compact-clip   Seek Compact Camera Clip
compact-pro-ff   Seek Compact PRO Thermal Camera FF
SEEK-COMPACT   Seek Compact Thermal Camera
SEEK-COMPACT-XR   Seek Compact XR Thermal Camera
reveal-clip-holster   Seek Reveal Clip Holster
reveal-d-ring   Seek Reveal D-Ring Attachment
Seek-Reveal-PRO   Seek Reveal PRO Thermal Camera
reveal-velcro-holster   Seek Reveal Velcro Holster
REVEAL-XR-FF   Seek Reveal XR FF Thermal Camera
S-IPCO   Sensorcon Industrial Pro CO Monitor
VCS-SVC   Single Vent Cap with Pressure Tap
SC941   Sound Adapter for DLAF930SD Environmental Meter
WSRF   Super Zero Dragon Smoke Puffer Refill Fluid
TEC-TRAINER   TEC Air Tightness Training Simulator
0560-1115   Testo 115i Smart Probe Pipe Clamp Thermometer
0572-0566   Testo 174H Mini Temp/RH Data Logger Kit
0572-0561   Testo 174T Mini Temperature Data Logger Kit
0563-3110   Testo 310 Combustion Analyzer with Printer
0554-3100   Testo 310 Infrared Printer
0563-3100   Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer
0632-0316   Testo 316-1 Natural Gas Leak Detector
0563-3163   Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector
0632-3170   Testo 317-1 Flue Gas Spillage Leak Detector
0632-3172   Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Detector
0632-3173   Testo 317-3 Ambient CO Detector
0563-3220-71   Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer with Printer
0563-3220-70   Testo 320 Commercial Combustion Analyzer
0563-3371-70   Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer with Case
0563-3371-75   Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer with Case & Printer
0563-3372-71   Testo 330-2G LL Commercial Combustion Analyzer O2 & CO
400563-3372   Testo 330-2G LL Commercial Combustion Analyzer O2, CO, NO
0563-3000-71   Testo 330i Combustion Analyzer with Bluetooth (O2, CO)
400563-3002   Testo 330i Combustion Analyzer with Bluetooth (O2, CO, NO)
0560-4053   Testo 405-V1 Thermal Anemometer (metric only)
0560-1405   Testo 405i Smart Probe Hot Wire Anemometer
0560-4101   Testo 410-1 Pocket Pro Air Velocity & Temp Meter
0560-4102   Testo 410-2 Pocket Pro Air Velocity, Temp, RH Meter
0560-1410   Testo 410i Smart Probe Vane Anemometer
400563-4161   Testo 416 Small Vane Anemometer Kit
400563-4170   Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer Kit
0563-4200   Testo 420 Flow Hood Kit
400563-4251   Testo 425 Hot Wire Anemometer Kit
0638-1835   Testo 435 Absolute Pressure Probe
0613-1712   Testo 435 Air probe, NTC
0635-1025   Testo 435 Hot-wire Probe
0632-1535   Testo 435 IAQ Probe (CO2, humidity, temperature)
0602-4592   Testo 435 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe
0602-0393   Testo 435 Surface Temperature Probe
0635-9335   Testo 435 Telescopic Vane Velocity Probe
0635-9535   Testo 435 Telescopic Vane Velocity Probe
0635-1535   Testo 435 Thermal Velocity Probe (temp, RH & flow)
0602-1293   Testo 435 Waterproof Immersion/Penetration Thermometer Probe
0560-4351   Testo 435-1 Multifunction Meter
0563-4352   Testo 435-2 Multifunction Meter with Memory & Software
0628-0109   Testo 435-2/4 Comfort Level Turbulence Probe with Temperature
0636-9735   Testo 435-2/4 Duct Humidity and Temperature Probe
0635-0545   Testo 435-2/4 Light Measurement Probe
0560-4353   Testo 435-3 Multifunction Meter with Differential Pressure
400563-4354   Testo 435-4 Deluxe HVAC Performance Kit
400563-4355   Testo 435-4 IAQ Kit
0563-4354   Testo 435-4 Multifunction Meter with Memory, Software & Diff. Pressure
0560-0460   Testo 460 Pocket Pro Compact Tachometer
0563-4800   Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
0636-9743   Testo 480 High Precision Temperature Probe
0632-1543   Testo 480 Indoor Air Quality Probe
0635-9343   Testo 480 Large Vane Air Velocity Probe
0635-9542   Testo 480 Vane Measurement Probe
0430-0143   Testo 5' Probe Connection Cable
0563-0510   Testo 510 Manometer with Differential Pressure 0563-0510
0560-1510   Testo 510i Smart Probe Differential Pressure
0560-0511   Testo 511 Pocket Pro Absolute Pressure & Altitude Meter
0560-5129   Testo 512 Digital High Pressure Manometer +/- 30psi
0560-5126   Testo 512 Digital Low Pressure Manometer +/-0.8" WC
0560-5350   Testo 535 Ambient CO2 Meter
0560-0540   Testo 540 Pocket Pro Light Meter
0560-0550   Testo 549 Digital Manifold
0560-1549   Testo 549i Smart Probe Refrigeration Pressure
0563-1550   Testo 550 Digital Manifold Kit with Bluetooth
0560-5521   Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Measuring Gauge
0563-1557   Testo 557 Digital Manifold Kit with Bluetooth, Vacuum
0560-6053   Testo 605-H1 Humidity Stick with Dew Point
0560-6054   Testo 605-H2 Humidity Stick with Wet Bulb
0560-1605   Testo 605i Smart Probe Thermo-Hygrometer
0560-6060   Testo 606-1 Pocket Pro Moisture Meter
0560-6062   Testo 606-2 Pocket Pro Moisture Meter with Humidity, Temp
0560-0610   Testo 610 Pocket Pro Temperature RH Meter
0560-6160   Testo 616 Pinless Moisture Meter
0563-6251   Testo 625 Thermo-Hygrometer
400563-6252   Testo 625 Thermo-Hygrometer Wireless Kit
0560-1805   Testo 805i Smart Probe IR Thermometer
0560-0810   Testo 810 Pocket Pro IR and Ambient Thermometer

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