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0563-8155   Testo 815 Sound Level Meter
0563-8165   Testo 816 Sound Level Meter
0560-8311   Testo 830-T1 IR Thermometer 10:1
0560-8312   Testo 830-T2 IR Thermometer 12:1, Dual Laser
0560-8314   Testo 830-T4 IR Thermometer 30:1, Dual Laser
0563-8450   Testo 845 Adjustable Focus IR Thermometer 75:1
0560-8701   Testo 870-1 Thermal Imager
0560-8702   Testo 870-2 Thermal Imager with Visual Camera
0563-0875-71   Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager
0563-0875-72   Testo 875i-2 Thermal Imager
0560-0882-70   Testo 882 Thermal Imager
0563-0885-71   Testo 885-1 Thermal Imager
0563-0885-72   Testo 885-2 Thermal Imager
0563-0890-72   Testo 890-2 Thermal Imager
0560-9055   Testo 905-T1 Digital Penetration Thermometer
0560-9056   Testo 905-T2 Digital Surface Thermometer
0560-1905   Testo 905i Smart Probe Thermometer
0560-9221   Testo 922 Dual Type K Thermometer
0560-9250   Testo 925 Type K Thermometer
0600-9797   Testo Air Temperature Probe, 2.4"
0600-9787   Testo Air Temperature Probe, 7.5"
0632-1260   Testo Annular Gap Probe
0632-3331   Testo CO Ambient Probe
0632-1240   Testo CO2 Ambient Probe
0554-0040   Testo Combustion Analyzer Filters
0554-1208   Testo Differential Temperature Probe Set
0554-3332   Testo easyHeat Software for 330 Series
0638-0330   Testo Fine Pressure Probe
0563-4170   Testo Flow Funnel Kit, 8" Round & 13" Square
0632-3330   Testo Gas Leak Detection Probe
0554-1202   Testo Hose Extension 9 ft
0636-9736   Testo Humidity/Temperature Probe for Wireless Handle
0563-0004   Testo Hydronic Heating Smart Probe Set
0635-2045   Testo L-type 19" Pitot Tube
0635-2145   Testo L-type Pitot Tube 13"
0635-2345   Testo L-type Pitot Tube 40"
0554-0308   Testo Manual Smoke Pump Filter Paper 40 Strips
0602-4692   Testo Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe (1" max dia.)
0430-0100   Testo Plug-in Head Cable 0430 0100
0554-1096   Testo Power Supply Charger 0554-1096
0563-0002   Testo Refrigeration Smart Probe Set
0393-0053   Testo Replacement CO Sensor for 320
0393-0003   Testo Replacement O2 Sensor for 320
0554-0309   Testo Smoke Pump Scale
0554-0307   Testo Standard Smoke Pump Test Kit
0554-7806   Testo SuperResolution Thermal Imager Upgrade
0602-0394   Testo Surface Temperature Probe for Wireless Handle
0554-0568   Testo Thermal Printer Spare Paper
0554-0549   Testo Universal Fast IR Printer
0449-0047   Testo USB Cable (mini USB to standard USB)
0563-0003   Testo VAC Smart Probe Set
0554-0190   Testo Wireless Module (USA / Canada)
0554-0191   Testo Wireless Probe Handle
TPI-1008   TPI 1008 Indoor Air Quality Meter
TPI-1010   TPI 1010 Indoor Air Quality Meter with CO
TPI-126   TPI 126 Compact Autoranging Digital Multimeter
TPI-153   TPI 153 Autoranging Digital Multimeter
TPI-183A   TPI 183A True RMS Digital Multimeter
TPI-265   TPI 265 Autoranging Digital Clamp Meter
TPI-270   TPI 270 Autoranging Digital Clamp Meter
TPI-275   TPI 275 True RMS Digital Clamp Meter
TPI-343C2   TPI 343C2 Dual input Digital Thermometer
TPI-376   TPI 376 Infrared Thermometer
TPI-381   TPI 381 Infrared Thermometer
TPI-383   TPI 383 Infrared Thermometer
TPI-556C1   TPI 556C1 Digital Vane Anemometer
TPI-575C1   TPI 575C1 Combination Vane and Hot Wire Anemometer
TPI-621   TPI 621 Dual Input Differential Manometer
TPI-623   TPI 623 Dual Input Differential Manometer
TPI-625   TPI 625 Dual Input Differential Manometer with MIN/MAX/HOLD
TPI-665   TPI 665 Dual Input Differential Manometer with Data Logging
TPI-707   TPI 707 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
TPI-709   TPI 709 Combustion Analyzer
TPI-709A740   TPI 709 Combustion Analyzer Kit with A740 Printer
TPI-712   TPI 712 Combustion Analyzer with Datalogging
TPI-719   TPI 719 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
TPI-720b   TPI 720b Combustible Gas Leak Detector
TPI-721   TPI 721 Combustible Gas Leak Detector with ppm
TPI-770   TPI 770 Carbon Monoxide Detector CO
TPI-775   TPI 775 Gas Leak Detector with Ambient CO
TPI-9070   TPI 9070 Smart Vibration Meter
TPI-9080   TPI 9080 Smart Trend Vibration Meter
TPI-A774   TPI A774 Silicone Tubing 6'
TPI-A775   TPI A775 Static Pressure Probe with 6' Tubing
TPI-A776   TPI A776 Static Pressure Probe
TPI-A9084   TPI A9084 VibTrend Pro Software
Tramex-CMEX2   Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter
Tramex-CME4   Tramex Concrete Encounter Moisture Meter
Tramex-MEP   Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter
Tramex-MRH3   Tramex MRH III Digital Moisture Meter
Tramex-PTM   Tramex Professional Moisture Meter
Tramex-RWS   Tramex Roof and Wall Scanner Moisture Meter
5725   TSI 5725 VelociCalc Rotating Vane Anemometer
7515   TSI 7515 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
7525   TSI 7525 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
7545   TSI 7545 IAQ-Calc Indoor Air Quality Meter
9515   TSI 9515 VelociCalc Hot Wire Anemometer
9535   TSI 9535 VelociCalc Hot Wire Anemometer with Flow
9535-A   TSI 9535-A VelociCalc Hot Wire Anemometer with Flow
9545   TSI 9545 VelociCalc Hot Wire Anemometer with Flow RH
9545-A   TSI 9545-A VelociCalc Hot Wire Anemometer with Flow RH
9565   TSI 9565 Velocicalc Multi-function Ventilation Meter
800530   TSI AirPro External Battery Charger 800530
6200D   TSI Alnor 6200D LoFlo Balometer Capture Hood
8934   TSI Alnor Bluetooth Printer 8934
CH-STAND   TSI Alnor Capture Hood Stand
801090   TSI Alnor Capture Hood Velocity Matrix 801090
EBT731-ACC   TSI Alnor EBT731 Accessory Hoods
EBT731   TSI Alnor EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood
EBT731-STA   TSI Alnor EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood with Stand
EBT731-SACC   TSI Alnor EBT731 Specialized Accessory Hoods
985   TSI Alnor High Concentration VOC Probe 985
987   TSI Alnor High VOC Probe 987 w/ CO2 and Temperature
980   TSI Alnor Indoor Air Quality Probe 980
982   TSI Alnor Indoor Air Quality Probe 982 with CO
6200-ACC   TSI Alnor LoFlo 6200 Series Accessory Hoods
984   TSI Alnor Low Concentration VOC Probe 984
986   TSI Alnor Low VOC Probe 986 w/ CO2 and Temperature
634634000   TSI Alnor Pitot Tube 12"
634634001   TSI Alnor Pitot Tube 18"
634634002   TSI Alnor Pitot Tube 24"
634634003   TSI Alnor Pitot Tube 36"
634634005   TSI Alnor Pitot Tube 60"
995   TSI Alnor Rotating Vane Probe 995
800187   TSI Alnor Straight Airflow Probe 18"
800220   TSI Alnor Temperature and Humidity Probe 800220
962   TSI Alnor Thermoanemometer Articulated Probe 962
966   TSI Alnor Thermoanemometer Articulated Probe 966
960   TSI Alnor Thermoanemometer Straight Probe 960
964   TSI Alnor Thermoanemometer Straight Probe 964
AP500   TSI AP500 AirPro Air Velocity Meter
AP800   TSI AP800 AirPro Micromanometer
800535   TSI Large Carrying Case 800535
800529   TSI Probe Extension (12 in) 800529
800534   TSI Small Carrying Case 800534
800533   TSI Static Pressure Probes and Tubing Kit 800533
634620060   TSI Support Pole for 6200 Balometer Hood 16 x 16 in
634620050   TSI Support Pole for 6200 Balometer Hood 2 x 2 ft
634634004   TSI Telescoping Pitot Probe (8" to 38")
VT-A   TSI Thermoanemometer VT-A Articulating Probe
VT-S   TSI Thermoanemometer VT-S Straight Probe
VTH-A   TSI Thermoanemometer VTH-A Articulating Probe
VTH-S   TSI Thermoanemometer VTH-S Straight Probe
TH-S   TSI Thermohygrometer TH-S Straight Probe
AQM4   UEi AQM4 Air Quality Meter with CO Detector
C155   UEi C155 Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer
C155KIT   UEi C155 Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer Kit with Printer
C155OILKIT   UEi C155 Eagle 2X Combustion Analyzer Oil Kit with Printer
C157   UEi C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer
C157KIT   UEi C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer Kit with Printer
C157OILKIT   UEi C157 Eagle 3X Combustion Analyzer Oil Kit with Printer
CD100A   UEi CD100A Combustible Gas Leak Detector
CD200   UEi CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector with Alarm
CO71A   UEi CO71A Ambient Carbon Monoxide CO Detector
COA1   UEi COA1 Carbon Monoxide Detector Adapter
DL389   UEi DL389 G2 Phoenix True RMS Clamp Meter
DM393   UEi DM393 True RMS Digital Multimeter
DTH10   UEi DTH10 Temperature Humidity Pen
EM201SPKIT   UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Kit
ASP1   UEi Static Pressure Probe, Magnetic
VCS-VC10P   Vent Cap 10 Pack
VCS-SQ5   Vent Cap 16.5 in Square 5 Pack
VCS-VC20P   Vent Cap 20 Pack
VCS-MP   Vent Cap MiniPack
VCS-PRAT   Vent Cap Pole RAT
VCS-THP   Vent Cap Total Home Pack
18975   Yellow Jacket 1/4″ 4-in-1 Ball Valve Tool 18975
18986   Yellow Jacket 1/4″ Male x 5/16″ Female Vacuum/Charge Valve 18986
21985   Yellow Jacket 21985 Refrigerant Charging Hoses 3 Pack
22985   Yellow Jacket 22985 PLUS II SealRight Hoses 3 Pack
29985   Yellow Jacket 29985 PLUS II Hoses with Ball Valve
69073   Yellow Jacket 69073 Replacement Sensor for Vacuum Gauge
68860   Yellow Jacket Economy Charging Scale 68860
67002   Yellow Jacket Mantooth Dual Pressure Gauge 67002
67001   Yellow Jacket Mantooth Single Pressure Gauge 67001
67003   Yellow Jacket Mantooth Two Single Pressure Gauges 67003
40812   Yellow Jacket Refrigeration System Analyzer 40812
93850   Yellow Jacket SuperEvac Evacuation Manifold 93850
69075   Yellow Jacket SuperEvac LCD Vacuum Gauge 69075
69196   Yellow Jacket Superheat and Subcool Calculator 69196

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