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FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

From the largest infrared manufacturer in the world, FLIR portable thermal imaging cameras are offered in three major families. Features are available for every application, from building diagnostics, to electrical and mechanical applications. With prices starting at just $995, FLIR is bringing infrared to every corner of the diagnostic world.
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FLIR E6 Thermal Camera 63907-0704 FLIR E4 Thermal Camera 63906-0604 FLIR E75 Thermal Camera 78502-0101
FLIR T530 Thermal Camera 79302-0101 FLIR T640 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922 FLIR E85 Thermal Camera 78502-0201
FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78502-0301 FLIR E60 Thermal Camera 64501-0302
FLIR E8 Thermal Camera 63908-0805 FLIR C3 Thermal Camera 72003-0303 FLIR E5 Thermal Camera 63909-0904
FLIR T660 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-6922 FLIR E60bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 64501-0702 FLIR E53 Thermal Camera 84502-0201
FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera FLIR T600 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-1022 FLIR T620 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-5122
FLIR T540 Thermal Camera 79302-0201 FLIR C2 Thermal Camera 72001-0101 FLIR T1K T1020 Thermal Camera 72501-0102
FLIR T1010 Thermal Camera 72502-0502 FLIR T600bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-2822 FLIR T640 Wide Angle Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-7022
FLIR T620bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55903-5722 FLIR T640bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 55904-7522 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78503-0301
FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78504-0301 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78505-0301 FLIR E95 Thermal Camera 78506-0301

FLIR Thermal Infrared Cameras

FLIR was founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits. FLIR later expanded their focus to other applications and markets for thermal imaging technology, such as stabilized thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement aircraft, radiometry devices for use in monitoring industrial systems, and thermal imaging systems for use in ground-based security and search and rescue. Today FLIR is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness for a wide variety of users in the commercial, industrial, and government markets, internationally as well as domestically.
The FLIR Commercial Systems division designs and manufactures products for use in a variety of emerging industrial and commercial markets where the primary requirements are to either see at night and in adverse conditions or to detect and measure minute temperature differences. These products are useful in a wide variety of commercial vision applications, such as commercial and infrastructure security, transportation safety and night vision, recreational boating, firefighting, and personal night vision; and thermography applications, such as predictive and preventative machinery maintenance, research and development, industrial test and measurement, gas and fluid leak detection, and scientific analysis.

FLIR portable thermal imaging cameras come in six families. Features are available for every application, from building diagnostics, to electrical and mechanical applications.
  • Ex-Series - The latest in FLIR innovation, the Ex-Series uses the built-in digital camera and MSX enhancement to combine visible and thermal images into one data rich image. Starting at just $995.
  • i-Series - Stunningly affordable with best in class performance. Compact, tough, and easy to operate. The most cost-effective way to bring all the benefits of infrared into everything you do.
  • E-Series - Superior performance with added features including higher resolutions, LED torch light, integrated digital camera, and wi-fi connectivity. Even interface with ammeters and moisture meters to record all your data in one location.
  • Ebx-Series - Created for the building professional, combining a lower targeted temperature span with higher detector sensitivity to offer a thermal imager perfectly suited to the infrared conditions found in the built environment.
  • T-Series - High-performance infrared is looking better than ever, with industry leading 640x480 resolution and 4.3" bright touchscreen LCD. The most measurement options, and sensitivity of 0.035º C available. Stream video or even control the camera remotely from an iPad or iPhone with FLIR Remote.
  • Tbx-Series - Optimized for buildings and ready to troubleshoot the subtle temperature variations seen in the building envelope. The rotating lens will keep you working comfortably, while automatic focus will keep your work sharp. Link to a moisture meter or ammeter, set alarms for dewpoint and insulation problems, make a sketch of the site, and much more.