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Thermal Cameras by Resolution

The resolution of a camera relates to how many measurements the detector can make. An image is created by taking multiple measurements, converting these to an electronic signal, then displaying the results. The infrared thermometer (or "spot temp gun") takes a measurement from one point. It's resolution is 1x1, or 1 pixel. A thermal camera with a resolution of 160x120 takes 19,200 measurements simultaneously. It can use the different temperatures in those 19,200 pixels to create a meaningful image for the user.

But what about different resolutions? When close to a target, each pixel detects information from a smaller area, giving better detail. As you back away from the same target, each pixel is detecting information from a larger area of the target. You can now see more of the target in the image, yet it has become harder to see small details. This is where a higher resolution imager can help. A camera with a higher resolution can scan a larger area or provide more detail than a lower resolution camera. Select a category below to see thermal cameras organized by resolution.

What do you need to see? Or measure? Give us a call–we would be happy to make imager recommendations for any application. Or for more information see our Thermal Camera Buyers Guide.
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